Sometimes it roars and sometimes it soars.
A widely discussed four letter word which gets on everyone’s nerves.
Some have experienced it and some haven’t, but all do have their own take on it.
I’m proud to say that I have never been in love.Some may think that it’s my loss as I didn’t experience this wonderful feeling till now.But I do believe that I have something better waiting for me.2015-10-14 18.43.28

These thoughts aside what exactly is love??? I started delving a little deeper when my friend went through a meltdown.I had often heard him speak about love and he’s a little on the emotional side.But a few days ago he suddenly realised that he had lost the ‘love of his life’.He had erred and ended up losing her.His anguish opened up something in me, it confused me and I decided to pen my thoughts down.

2015-10-14 18.53.15‘You don’t love someone because they’re perfect.You love them in spite of the  fact that  they’re not.’When two people with their imperfections come together and realise that they can form an unbreakable bond with each other they fall in love.I know it sounds like an answer to a science question!!! A person whom I met once told me that love destroyed his life.The same person even went on to tell that he won’t ever do the same mistake of falling in love again and will stay away from it.I did reckon he was hurt.It did make me laugh though,I want to wait and see if he will stay true to his word and will never fall in love again.

Human mind is too complex,too mesmerising.A mix of thoughts and emotions.I being a med student get frequently amazed by the various thoughts it processes.Many of these thoughts are undoubtedly related to love.Be it caring or be it jealousy,be it sharing or be it hatred.Love is surrounded by too many theories.It is intriguing to see that this single word can affect millions of souls all over the world.Nicholas Sparks details it beautifully in his novel ‘The Notebook’.2015-10-14 18.47.51

My heart always warms up when I see a couple in love.I silently wish for them to be happy forever.But then after sometime I begin questioning myself.Will their love fade or remain the same? Will they withstand the tests life throws at them? Will they remain together ever after.One fine day I posed these same questions to my aunt and she simply answered ‘you will figure out for yourself’.Then again I asked her ‘how will I know when I fall in love?’ and she retorted by telling me that ‘I will know’.

3709838514_1176ee5ffbI’m waiting for that magical moment to happen in my life.Meanwhile I do have my own doubts, confusions and ideas.Don’t we all do? My dear confused souls I just poured a few of my thoughts here.And to tell the least ‘I’m still confused’!!!!!

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Life after Gadgets

Everyone is busy with their smart phones these days. Most of them actually think that the phone they own is much more smarter than themselves. It is not about being busy. It is about the way we have prioritized gadgets over humans.

Gadgets over everything is the new Era.
Well, Gadgets were present even in the 90’s but friends did meet up at a hangout spot everyday or every evening. The hangout consisted of never ending chats, laughing out loud for hours, eating at different small joints during the weekdays and party out all night during the weekends.

Then the group entered the Virtual world into a Facebook Group! Not few but quite a lot of virtual chat rooms existed even before Facebook introduced Groups but none bothered about it before.

A litre at a gas station weighed more than a person’s dinner expense, which in turn added up to the list of reasons to only meet during the weekends and weekdays were spent in Virtual Chat Rooms.

This sounds better?

WhatsApp was a medium trying to replace most of the silly phone calls and text messages. Sacrifice a medium sized pizza and you could buy yourself a gigabyte worth high speed data in return from your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Now this sounds yummy isn’t it?

In no time WhatsApp also introduced groups. As they were in the league to beat the beast. Well, Facebook and WhatsApp participants of two different leagues as they are two different mediums. A Virtual Battle for Survival of the fittest. Well both seem to be the same in the present day though.

Now the group gradually got shifted to WhatsApp. This was handy, no need to login or wait for all the notifications and other feeds to load. Switch on your internet and messages would be notified without opening the application.

This sounds easy as butter.

Any idea about what turned bitter?

The group hangout spots were decided over the group chats. People would wish happy birthdays over audio messages instead of phone calls. One argument would lead to create a new group excluding two or three members from the mother group.
Too much of Groupism!!

Well everyone makes a new friend when added to a group, stops trusting when not added. Like it’s said” Everything with an advantage will have a disadvantage” applys to the Virtual world too. Use it wisely, think twice before you break a relation virtually.

Still confused????

Clear it here at….. admin@confusedsouls.com

Happy to here from you.

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Under Construction

We apologize to keep you waiting.

The site is under construction as the owners are currently confused.

Come back to this area after second week of September 2015.


We will be happy to clear your doubts and confusions here admin@confusedsouls.com

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